Raised Garden Beds

Raised beds

Raised garden beds are one of the best options for growing veggies. You can even use them to grow fruit trees with the right soil mix.

Why raised?
The raised bed has many advantages. It is higher up and easier to reach, thus easier on backs. It also gets warmer earlier to promotes earlier growth. Why not just dig a hole? Well most soils in Australia aren’t fantastic to grow veggies in. Areas near the beach have sandy soil and many areas surrounding have thick clay. We build a raised bed on top of this and fill it with well draining compost better suited to veggies.

Bed types – Price list tables

Wicking bed
Named after the nature in which water works in this particular type of garden bed. It “wicks” upwards, so it goes straight to the roots. This means you don’t water the plant but rather the roots, making it really water wise. It also draws air to the roots through the pipe and speeds up the growth.
I call it a “water once a week bed” because it will be that easy to maintain after its set up. You can go on vacation!

wicking bed – price list